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US Release Date: 22 Jan 2002


  1. Play Supersonic
  2. Play Prove It
  3. Play Cant Stop It
  4. Play Broken
  5. Play Destined For Nothing
  6. Play Materialist
  7. Play Kyoto Now
  8. Play Sorrow
  9. Play Epiphany
  10. Play Evangeline
  11. Play The Defense
  12. Play The Lie
  13. Play You Dont Belong
  14. Play Bored and Extremely Dangerous

Commentary From The Band

  1. Play Greg on writing The Process of Belief
  2. Play Brett on recording The Process of Belief


Lyrics | Track Details

Well, am I making haste or could it be haste is making me what's time but a thing to kill or keep or buy or lose or live in I gotta go faster keep up
the pace just to stay in the human race I could go supersonic, the conditions chronic ...tell me does life exist beyond? when I need to sate, I
just accelerate into oblivion into oblivion well here I go again, everything is alien how does it feel to be outstripped by the pace of cultural change
my deeds are senseless and rendered meaningless when measured in that vein I won't lie, it's exciting when I try to decide things ...I just want
to live decently, meaningfully

I'm in misery

I could go supersonic, the problem's chronic ...tell me does life exist beyond it? when I need to sate, I just accelerate into oblivion pace setters
go getters rat racers forget hers researchers berserkers strategies to help the workers new time saving devices quick vices short
splices brevity dependency chemical efficiency

Greg Graffin / Brett Gurewitz
Sound City and Westbeach Recorders, Los Angeles, CA
Greg Graffin - vocals, Brett Gurewitz - guitar, Jay Bentley - bass, Greg Hetson - guitar, Brian Baker - guitar, Brooks Wackerman - drums
Polypterus Music (BMI) / Sick Muse Songs (BMI)
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