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US Release Date: 1 Jan 1981


  1. Play Bad Religion
  2. Play Politics
  3. Play Sensory Overload
  4. Play Slaves
  5. Play Drastic Actions
  6. Play World War III

Commentary From The Band

  1. Play Brett on recording the Bad Religion 7in

Bad Religion

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See my body it's nothing to get hung about
I'm nobody except genetic runaround
Spiritual era is gone and it ain't coming back
Bad Religion a copout is all that's left
Hey Mr. Mime stop wasting my time
With your factory precision is your.....
Bad Religion
Regurgitate indecision it's not too late
Don’t you know the place we're in is a piece of shit
Don't you know blind faith through lies won't conquer it
Don't you know responsibility is yours
I don't care a thing about eternal fires...
Listen this time it's more than a rhyme
It's your indecision
It's your Bad Religion..............................

Brett Gurewitz
Greg Graffin - vocals, Brett Gurewitz - guitar, Jay Bentley - bass, Jay Ziskrout - drums
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