February 7, 2011  Via www.thebrpage.net

US spring tour with Rise Against announced!

After an almost 5 months absence (with the exception of KROQ Almost Acoustic Christmas and 91X Wrex The Halls) Bad Religion is ready to hit the stage again. This spring the band will tour the US together with Rise Against and Four Year Song starting on April 5th. All tour dates can be found here.

Looking at that poster, someone definitely must have made a mistake: Rise Against above Bad Religion??? That can't be right, can it? Anyway, these shows will turn out to be awesome. Remember 2004?

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February 5, 2011  Via www.thebrpage.net

New Bad Religion discography

Since the beginning of The Bad Religion Page each release in the Discography section consisted of just 1 page. So even if there were 20 different versions of a release, we could only list it once without the option to specify any other details or specifics.
As the #1 source for Bad Religion info we had to do better than that!

For the last couple of months a lot of work was put into Discography v2.0. Our goal: to be able to catalog every single Bad Religion release and all of the versions that exist. Both official and bootlegs.

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February 2, 2011  Via www.thebrpage.net

Old 2001 video interview from Brazil

Earlier today Guilherme from Brazil sent us a link to a video interview, which he transferred from a VHS tape and posted on youtube. Apparently, it's an interview the band did in on 3/24/2001 on a local MTV show in Brazil called Uá Uá.  This was the evening of the first Brazil show of the South American The New America tour.

Gotta love how the guys just sit there waiting for the host to finish translating a couple of times. But also how much Greg Graffin appears to be the spokesman for the band in this interview... something that… Read More

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RT @IChloeTrujillo: Some serious jams #Laguna #chloetrujillo #art photo @beccamannmusic #sheilaolsengallery https://t.co/aZXTPNvQVg
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Listen to the remixed version of @convergecult YOU FAIL ME https://t.co/HVrpMnnTSw https://t.co/HVrpMnnTSw
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Nope https://t.co/4guwSRKblA
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28 hours ago
Pickin' and a sangin' with electric things in the air. https://t.co/tKlNnUNpZE
39 hours ago
No mistakes, the record light is on! Job well done guys. https://t.co/ZpaXRNFra4
2 days ago
Very excited for such a fantastic pool of talent in the studio today! photo by @renniesolis https://t.co/xg21UEe7WQ
3 days ago
Where's Waldo? pic by @renniesolis https://t.co/Cl8uWN1JFE
3 days ago
the most wonderfully preposterous thing i've seen in the last decade. NOFX make the new york times best seller list. https://t.co/DvIgjuIgiA
7 days ago
Congrats homies on yer best-selling paperback! NOFX: The Hepatitis Bathtub https://t.co/A5YHDYmiYC @fatmike_of_nofx
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