March 22, 2011  Via

The Dissent of Man European Tour this summer!

UPDATE (04/14/2011): On July 10, Bad Religion will hit the stage in London at the HMV Forum. Also, O2 ABC Glasgow announced that band will be playing a show on July 12. Seems like there's gonna be some more venue shows this summer!



UPDATE (04/12/2011): The Roskilde Festival has added Bad Religion to their line up. The festival takes place in Denmark from 30 June to 3 July. Bad Religion will visit the Festival on July 3.



UPDATE (04/11/2011): Bad Religion have been added to the line up of theRead More

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February 28, 2011  Via

Punk O Rama Track Pack For Tap Tap Revenge 4

The Punk O Rama Track Pack for Tap Tap Revenge 4 is now available for download for just $2.99. The track pack includes music from Offspring, Social Distortion, Bad Religion and more! Check out the full tracklisting below. If you already have Tap Tap Revenge 4 on your iPhone or iPod Touch just jump into the app to download the track pack. If you don’t then head to the App Store to download and install Tap Tap Revenge 4, then you’ll be able to grab the track pack in game.

Punk O… Read More

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February 27, 2011  Via

Minor League news #19

Grammys interview

At the recent Grammy awards on February 13, Jay and Brooks were interviewed backstage. Clearly that lady had no idea who they were and what she was talking about. "The 30 days... The 30... You did something in 30 days? You performed in 30 cities?". Check it out for yourself:

Too fast to live, too young to die exhibit

Apparently there's a new art exhibit about old school punk rock in L.A.. As Edward Colver is one of five photographers included in the exhibit, it's bound to… Read More

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6 hours ago
sweated out 2 basses, broke a rib and still can't see out of my left eye... thanks for the awesome show seattle!
7 hours ago
Why do I love this new @themenzingers song so damn much - maybe it's a jew thing?
7 hours ago
RT @TheOfficialA7X: Less than 24 hours away from our must see live event! Get your front row seat on our Facebook:…
8 hours ago
We’re not just voting for president! Please vote. @HeadCountOrg has all the ballot info you need to #GoVote.…
29 hours ago
John K. Samson Only Wanted to Be Interviewed via Postcard, so That’s What We Did via @noiseymusic
44 hours ago
RT @fasteronfire525: @jay_bentley, it's obvious how much joy performing brings you, but you're literally floating here and that's goddamn r…
2 days ago
sometimes you find the strangest things at the airport bookstore. ¯\_(ツ)_/¯ #signedcopy #nofx @…
3 days ago
RT @travisbarker: My baby @travisbarker sat down at the piano and played this for me today 💔 I love my kids love…
4 days ago
RT @BernieSanders: I have 7 beautiful grandchildren and 4 kids. I do not want Donald Trump to be their president.
5 days ago


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