December 26, 2010  Via

2010 in retrospect

With only a couple of days left in this year it's about to time to publish our own "looking-back-at-2010" thing. So here goes...

Althought the shoutbox was already introduced in November 2009, in 2010 full-page version was launched as well as the option to send private shouts. This year we all shouted approximately 142,000 times. We appointed two new forum mods (Brett Religion and Some Guy), who are doing a great job! We made a deal with Brett to have our news show up on For a while was the website that was linked to… Read More

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December 18, 2010  Via

Great interview with Jay and Brian

Jason Epstein was kind enough to send us a heads up about an interview that he did for The interview with Jay and Brian took place on October 20th, the first of the three "era-shows" in New York.

They talk about the progression and evolution of their music, the new album, the recent free tribute album, punk rock, Brian's favorite BR record (RFH) and some more.
For example Brian on Into The Unknown: "I've never heard it and I don't own it and I heard it to learn the song. And also 'cuz I'm not the original… Read More

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December 10, 2010  Via

KROQ Almost Acoustic Christmas live webcast

Update (12/12/2010) - Thanks to micpal you can now enjoy the video of last nights show. Download it here. It's an .mkv for those of you trying to play it with, for example, Windows Media Player, try installing the free VLC Media Player instead.

Extra tidbit - This was the first time Cyanide was played live!


Watch the 21st Annual KROQ Almost Acoustic Christmas webcast live, beginning Saturday and Sunday at 5pm PST. All performances are live and uncut and… Read More

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RT @TheOfficialA7X: "The Stage" has been released on vinyl in record stores worldwide. If you happen to snag a copy show us a picture of yo…
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Send help! A super intelligent AI is making me into a paper clip.
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RT @TheOfficialA7X: We hope you all enjoy every minute of #TheStage. Get it here:
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RT @TheOfficialA7X: We're on the cover of @MetalHammer's special end-of-year issue! Available Dec 6th.
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Friday Foto 9/12/2001 near ground zero, an ironic tranquility in Soho.
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they're just words you fucktards. written down... concisely. ...and then studied, over and over again. evaluated for discrepancies. science
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you're taking me literally, you should be taking me seriously... wait, you're literally taking me seriously. no. yo…
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what do you mean "could have"?
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back when i used to wear a tie to work...
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