December 18, 2010  Via

Great interview with Jay and Brian

Jason Epstein was kind enough to send us a heads up about an interview that he did for The interview with Jay and Brian took place on October 20th, the first of the three "era-shows" in New York.

They talk about the progression and evolution of their music, the new album, the recent free tribute album, punk rock, Brian's favorite BR record (RFH) and some more.
For example Brian on Into The Unknown: "I've never heard it and I don't own it and I heard it to learn the song. And also 'cuz I'm not the original… Read More

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December 10, 2010  Via

KROQ Almost Acoustic Christmas live webcast

Update (12/12/2010) - Thanks to micpal you can now enjoy the video of last nights show. Download it here. It's an .mkv for those of you trying to play it with, for example, Windows Media Player, try installing the free VLC Media Player instead.

Extra tidbit - This was the first time Cyanide was played live!


Watch the 21st Annual KROQ Almost Acoustic Christmas webcast live, beginning Saturday and Sunday at 5pm PST. All performances are live and uncut and… Read More

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December 5, 2010  Via

Unique Bad Religion items

It's not news, but I'd like to bring the following awesome items to your attention. This is the kind of stuff that makes me feel giddy. They're all one of a kind, original items that only a few people in the world have ever seen. They're truly part of Bad Religion's history.

Apparantly (but totally unconfirmed) Brett lived with this guy, and then left without paying some rent that was still owed. But Brett also left behind some of his things. So many, many years later this guy put them on Ebay. And thankfully they're now owned by Bad Religion… Read More

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Shamelessly rocking out to myself #BadReligion
8 hours ago
what... what would you say you do here at initech?
26 hours ago
enjoy #vadavada
30 hours ago
we all get to this place eventually.
30 hours ago
RT @Kasparov63: Putin is waging disinformation war & cyberwar on the US, with proven success, and has the American party in power's help in…
2 days ago
The world has lost a giant. RIP Chuck Berry. Rock 'n Roll thanks you.
3 days ago
RT @GregHetson: RIP Chuck Berry. He came and played one of his songs with the Circle Jerks once.
4 days ago
Friday Foto: The skyscraper of Burma. Schwedagon Pagoda, Year 2000
5 days ago
RT @BCAppelbaum: Trump: “Germany has done very well in its trade deals with the United States.” Actually: Germany has no trade deals with…
5 days ago
sometimes you're a jerk and order a virgin irish coffee... and sometimes they get it. well played.
5 days ago


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