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2013 in retrospect

Hey everyone, Marty here. With the end of the year closing up on us fast, it's about time for our fifth annual "looking-back-at-2013" thing. The release of True North - and all the positve reviews it received -, the huge European tour and the release of the Christmas Songs album make this a highly successful year for Bad Religion. But you already knew about that...

Let's focus on our little venture here called The Bad Religion Page and kick off with some social media figures....

The number of followers on Twitter inreased by 2,169, which is pretty much… Read More

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December 14, 2013  Via

Bad Religion on Conan next Wednesday!

Update (12/19/13): Check out the video of last night's broadcast:


Bad Religion will be on Conan on Wednesday December 18, most likely promoting the Christmas Songs album. According to our records they performed on Conan at least in 1993, 2002 and 2007. Here's New Dark Ages from the 2007 performance:

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December 13, 2013  Via

Benefit show for the Philippines: Video is finally here

UPDATE (2/16): It took a while, but footage of this event has finally been released. Bad Religion starts at 7:55. Only 2 songs have been included in the video, though: Los Angeles Is Burning and Infected.

UPDATE: According to the KROQ website the Concert For The Philippines performances will be broadcast live! The webcast will be available to watch on Linkin Park's official website and on AXS.TV.

Also, for those who would like to attend this show, but who don't have any money ($250) to donate, there is a chance to win tickets!… Read More

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it's just about that time when i start wishing most of the people around me into the corn field
5 hours ago
#nowplaying Via @nprmusic: World Cafe Next: Springtime Carnivore
14 hours ago
this is the 2nd worst christmas tree I have ever seen...
15 hours ago
i sure all of us have our own secret goats in our closets
16 hours ago
Not Against the Grain via @newyorker
26 hours ago
RT @epitaphrecords: Happy birthday @timtimebomb! Show some love! #Rancid #Transplants #TimTimeBomb #HonorIsAllWeKnow Pic:@MRJOJOJOEY http:/…
27 hours ago
RT @methodman13: .@jay_bentley of @BadReligion for @RBSoundSelect #30DaysInLA 11/9/14. #PunkRoyalty More pics👉 http:/…
35 hours ago
It's getting cold out here. probably going to need gloves...
36 hours ago
RT @epitaphrecords: Check out Brooks in @OCWeekly's 10 Best Punk Drummers list! --> #BadReligion…
2 days ago
Getting the band back together for south east Asia next week.
3 days ago


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