October 18, 2010  Via www.thebrpage.net

New vinyl and shirts - Now also from Europe!

UPDATE (10/22/2010): The box is now also available from Kings Road EU. The price over there is €250, but shipping is free for orders from Europe and the UK. Apparently they only imported a total of 100 pieces (out of the 3000 in total)... so if you were waiting for it, you better be fast!
There are no signs yet of the new shirts being available from the European Kings Road site.

UPDATE (10/19/2010): The Bad Religion Vinyl Discography boxed set is now available from Kings Road US. For $199 you… Read More

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October 18, 2010  Via www.thebrpage.net

In depth interview with Greg Graffin

Joshua Chaplinsky conducted a really in depth interview with Greg Graffin for ChuckPalahniuk.net about evolution, his new book, the existence of god, and Bad Religion's new album and 30th anniversary.

Check it out here: http://chuckpalahniuk.net/interviews/musicians/greg-graffin-of-bad-religion

Some Bad Religion-related highlights:

GG (on Into The Unknown): "(...) when I say failed experiment, I'm talking about it as you would talk about certain evolutionary lineages as not persisting. They were failed and forgotten. This one is similar in that we were only 17 or 18 years old and we were just trying something new without any… Read More

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October 16, 2010  Via www.thebrpage.net

War on the Weather bootleg - Now also lossless!

Update 10/19/2010:  Lossless torrent is up on Dimeadozen: http://www.dimeadozen.org/torrents-details.php?id=327335

On October 14th, Bad Religion played at the Kool Haus in Toronto for the fourth time. Our good friend Mike Clay - aka ComicSans - recorded this show and made a nice bootleg of it. He named it "War on the Weather" and he even made some great artwork. You can download the file right here.
This version is still in mp3, however a lossless version will be up later!

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Breathtakingly beautiful new track "Break Down" from @thiswildlife (live) https://t.co/HtKpZ90z7A
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Touché Amoré Pay Homage to David Lynch in “Palm Dreams” Video: Watch https://t.co/N5CZ6iQg2s via @pitchfork
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This. https://t.co/n3lL4sbU1o
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3 days ago
#NP #HypercaffiumSpazzinate, the new album from @descendents - thanks for the tuneage my dudes! https://t.co/7DUBNsmL0O
4 days ago
@jay_bentley I really have to stop writing "you" twice on these no control setlists... freaks everyone out onstage when it comes up again 😬
4 days ago
last european 2016 tour club show tonight in wiesbaden, de. thanks for all the great nights everyone. ciao! https://t.co/9b7Gd7VycE
4 days ago
actual definition of implementation of your policies is the point of this, don. anyone can just say words without having to back them up
5 days ago
July 19 Frankfurt, DE - Batschkapp July 20 Amsterdam NL - Melkweg July 22 Wiesbaden DE - Schlactof July 23 Degan CH - Open Air Lumnezia
8 days ago


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