October 19, 2010  Via www.epitaphblog.com

Pre-order Bad Religion 30th Anniversary Box Set

How else do you celebrate 30 years as the world’s longest running and most prolific punk band? You celebrate with a limited edition Box Set featuring EVERY studio album ever released by the band pressed on red vinyl.  Head over to the Epitaph Store to pre-order your copy for just $199.99!

This set features the first OFFICIAL Epitaph pressing of Into The Unknown in 27 years, the first pressing of Generator in almost 12 years, the band’s Atlantic era which was either never pressed or hard to find,… Read More

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October 18, 2010  Via www.thebrpage.net

New vinyl and shirts - Now also from Europe!

UPDATE (10/22/2010): The box is now also available from Kings Road EU. The price over there is €250, but shipping is free for orders from Europe and the UK. Apparently they only imported a total of 100 pieces (out of the 3000 in total)... so if you were waiting for it, you better be fast!
There are no signs yet of the new shirts being available from the European Kings Road site.

UPDATE (10/19/2010): The Bad Religion Vinyl Discography boxed set is now available from Kings Road US. For $199 you… Read More

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October 18, 2010  Via www.thebrpage.net

In depth interview with Greg Graffin

Joshua Chaplinsky conducted a really in depth interview with Greg Graffin for ChuckPalahniuk.net about evolution, his new book, the existence of god, and Bad Religion's new album and 30th anniversary.

Check it out here: http://chuckpalahniuk.net/interviews/musicians/greg-graffin-of-bad-religion

Some Bad Religion-related highlights:

GG (on Into The Unknown): "(...) when I say failed experiment, I'm talking about it as you would talk about certain evolutionary lineages as not persisting. They were failed and forgotten. This one is similar in that we were only 17 or 18 years old and we were just trying something new without any… Read More

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RT @staupy_tw: Just received #thestage vinyl signed by @Vengenz1 @brookswackerman and the rest of @TheOfficialA7X I couldn't be happier!!!…
2 mins ago
RT @SciencePorn: "If I can inspire young people to dedicate themselves to the good of mankind, I've accomplished something" #RIPJohnGlenn h…
3 hours ago
get ready to hear the term "politically emboldened" tossed around for the next few months... it's like pavlov's bell for misanthropes
20 hours ago
RT @GBonarJr: Received my autographed vinyl today hellyeah thanks @TheOfficialA7X @ZackyVBR @brookswackerman 🍻👊 https://t.co/jBROdMoKiH
23 hours ago
check's in the mail... https://t.co/xoKW86783f
25 hours ago
Lyric video for @DoctorGraffin's rendition of Lincoln's Funeral Train https://t.co/rTv2OkyO6k feat: @JonnyTwoBags https://t.co/BWGjSjZZZa
28 hours ago
$35 early bird tickets ON SALE NOW!!! https://t.co/5E7wIs6TVg https://t.co/E5vEowq6br
30 hours ago
Hey everyone! Here is the 1st song from my upcoming album. I'm so excited about this video: https://t.co/JyBtkmixRv https://t.co/oqnZOCL2cY
30 hours ago
$35 early ticket sales start in 15 MINUTES (10am pst). don't miss it. go to: https://t.co/lCKplFkQFx https://t.co/liqSPTaEI2
30 hours ago
still struggling with science vs opinion? just remember "peer reviewed journal". not how many likes, retweets or political affiliation
2 days ago


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