July 26, 2010  Via www.thebrpage.net

Album Art, Tracklist and Preorder

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July 26, 2010  Via www.thebrpage.net

The Devil In Stitches!

Apparently KROQ already started airing a song from The Dissent Of Man: The Devil In Stitches (written by Brett). So this might very well be the first single.

Here's a great quality version of the song on soundcloud.com. Thanks for the link Brett!!

... or download it in MP3 format.

Thanks to Brett we now also have the full lyrics. Check out them out in the Discography.

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July 26, 2010  Via www.epitaphblog.com

Bad Religion “The Dissent of Man” Pre-order!

Bad Religion’s new album, “The Dissent of Man” is set to hit stores on Sept 28th.  Pre-order your copy now at the Bad Religion Store.

Bundle Includes

The Dissent Of Man E-mail List Exclusive Orange LP (available for 3 days only) The Dissent Of Man DELUXE Digital Download The Dissent Of Man Shirt (Black) A signed First Edition copy of Anarchy Evolution , the new book by Greg Graffin. Evolution and Religion, the reprinted and expanded doctoral thesis by Greg Graffin

Other bundles are available!

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day spent walking through one of bologna's most beautiful cemeteries, witnessing centuries of our faith and fears http://t.co/lWn6cAXA9b
93 mins ago
RT @TheTweetOfGod: Judge not, lest ye be judged. https://t.co/YjBSkQj0hn
4 hours ago
RT @BOOTLEGtheater: Listen to @KROQ today to hear about Greg Graffin's [@DoctorGraffin] (of Bad Religion) special visit to the Bar Stage on…
9 hours ago
grazzie mile!! thank you all! goodnight! repost andrewmachete I love this fucking band. Yesterday… https://t.co/NDn0Gp4nJF
11 hours ago
tonight! our last show with the interrupters and special guests the mahones in bologna Italy at club estragon. doors are at 7:30... LETS GO!
12 hours ago
Scientists discover that the world contains dramatically more trees than previously thought http://t.co/S0FgaGJEMK #ScienceFTW
25 hours ago
RT @djSuspicion: “@UberFacts: A man with a mustache typically touches it 760 times a day.” Never trust a man with a #buttbroom on his face…
27 hours ago
35 years screaming, kicking and punching... last night left me speechless and brought a tear to my eye, paris. je t'aime with all my heart
33 hours ago
RT @dvntownsend: http://t.co/SLkxqsn0A2
34 hours ago
tonight MILANO! we're at the LIVE CLUB w/ the interrupters. doors at 8pm. Stasera arrivano i @badreligion al Live di Trezzo il 2 settembre
35 hours ago


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