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Bad Religion and Epitaph prepare to travel to Mars!

Thanks to our new friend, Jerry Stoces for sending us all of this cool information/videos/pictures about Epitaph/Bad Religion’s trip into mars next year.

The Mars Science Laboratory Rover “Curiosity”, carrying the names of Epitaph and Bad Religion, will be launched from the Kennedy Space Center on October 14th of next year from the Kennedy Space Center aboard an Atlas V-541. Below is a photo of what the Atlas Rocket looks like on a previous launch.



Here is a picture of the Mars Rover carrying Epitaph and Bad Religion being assembled at NASA JPL in Pasadena.

This video is of another Atlas V Rocket launch from Kennedy Space Center. The Rover carrying Epitaph and Bad Religion’s names will be launched on this same type of rocket, from this same launch pad.

Here is NASA’s video animation of how the “Curiosity” Rover will arrive on Mars, carrying Epitaph’s and Bad Religion’s names.

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