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American Jesus cover by Irreverend James

This Thursday (June 14)  Bad Religion will be playing the NXNE Festival in Toronto. Apparently the Canadian Bad Religion fans aren't the only ones who are excited to see the band playing; the godless gospel band "Irreverend James and the Critical Mass Choir" can't wait either.

The band from Montreal are also playing the NXNE Festival two days after Bad Religion. When they found out that Bad Religion was going to play the same festival, they decided to cover a song during the recording of their upcoming EP: 

"We started wondering what a punk anthem might sound like if it were done gospel. And what better song to cover than American Jesus? It lays out a message that deserves to be belted. So we did. [...] We’d love nothing more than for this to make it to the band’s ears. They were on the front line before it was fashionable. They are giants."

This is their take on American Jesus:


Extra tidbit: This is not the first 'unusual' Bad Religion cover...remember this one?

The Defense by Tufts Beelzebubs

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it's important to remember... https://t.co/S93bIoaqml
7 hours ago
am i the only one watching the passion of the christ on a loop today? get with the program people
7 hours ago
Somewhere, sometime in the early days of Bad Religion. #badreligion #kidsontheground http://t.co/CiqScAugGb
8 hours ago
RT @IrvingPlaza: TONIGHT — @ChuckRagan and the Camaraderie, @BlancoBuffalo, and @JonnyTwoBags! Doors: 7P, Show: 8P. Info & tickets at http:…
9 hours ago
Plague Vendor: "Black Sap Scriptures" http://t.co/IABdaUAbjc via @pitchforkmedia
23 hours ago
TITLE FIGHT #ukranianculturalcenter #punkroots #goingoff #datenight #oldestguyhere #ohwell… http://t.co/XSrAcXiWGQ
24 hours ago
As you all know 1st prize is a Cadillac ElDorado Anyone wanna see 2nd prize? 2nd prize is a set of steak knives 3rd prize is you're fired
29 hours ago
Motion City Soundtrack "I Am The Movie: The Movie" Out May 13 - YouTube http://t.co/lORfctvqx0
36 hours ago
Fifty Shades Of Black #subliminalimages #obey #soundandvision #punklife #datenight #giantartshow… http://t.co/8kwaKeNyBF
45 hours ago
RT @YourAnonNews: Dear @USAirways: Good Call Keeping Your Social Media Person http://t.co/769v0NHYtn
46 hours ago


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