July 23, 2012  Via www.thebrpage.net

Here they go again

The band just sent out an e-mail with a photo of the band (except for Greg Hetson) in the studio to all Bad Religion fans that registered to the mailing list on badreligion.com.

Again produced by Brett and Joe Barresi, the photo appears to be taken at Joe's House of Compression. In contrary to the process that went into making The Dissent of Man, this time no demos were recorded in smaller studios (such as Sunset Lodge in January 2010).

Also, this is the first time since The Process Of Belief (2001) that a Bad Religion album is recorded analog!


Extra tidbit: you can follow any news on the recording of the new album right here.

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Shamelessly rocking out to myself #BadReligion
8 hours ago
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26 hours ago
enjoy #vadavada https://t.co/ssqVPMmEg4
30 hours ago
we all get to this place eventually. https://t.co/I1ygb8ahgM
30 hours ago
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2 days ago
The world has lost a giant. RIP Chuck Berry. Rock 'n Roll thanks you. https://t.co/cN15pG23Mh
3 days ago
RT @GregHetson: RIP Chuck Berry. He came and played one of his songs with the Circle Jerks once. https://t.co/OTW7KF1iJL
4 days ago
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5 days ago
sometimes you're a jerk and order a virgin irish coffee... and sometimes they get it. well played. https://t.co/XeGBnBf3x4
5 days ago


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