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Bad Religion Day Mixtape Marathon

Bad Religion Day has been around since 1999 when fans from "The BR Mailing List" decided that the world needed one. November 5 was chosen because in the past it was thought to be the release date for Against The Grain, and Graffin's birthday is on November 6. Although the latter is true, Against The Grain's release date, however, is actually November 23.

From The Answer:

"Each year on November 5 Bad Religion fans have an excuse to meet other fans and do whatever they feel like doing to celebrate this most peculiar date: Bad Religion Day. It is peculiar in that it can be freely interpreted as a day of celebration, meditation, masturbation or indeed anything you may feel like doing."

Over the years Bad Religion fans from around the world have organized many get-togethers, with 2011 being a change to the norm when someone organized a 44 hour streaming of BR related music and interviews, that started on November 5th in New Zealand.

This year, however, several fans are taking Bad Religion Day to a whole new level! It's going to be a 24 hour Bad Religion "Mixtape Marathon" of all BR classics, live music, guests, and interviews running from Sunday *Nov 4th* 12pm (EST) to Monday *Nov 5th* 12 pm (EST) via video on Ustream.

On top of that, they're doing this for Charity and decided on Doctors without Borders, which is one of the more transparent and accountable non-profits out there, and the initial goal is $5,000.00… should more be raised than that, a new goal will be put in place.

Scheduled guests:

Irreverend James & The Critical Mass Choir - band

Emily Davis - Singer/songwriter

Paulo Pilha – singer/songwriter (Brazil)

Michael Long – *Co-official Bad Religion Shirt Guru

Falling By The Wayside – acoustic performance

BR Beer Baron – Oscar Pleitez Interview

Scott Earth– NJHC band, Silence Equals Death

The Accidents – Punk Band from Washington DC

Dave & Mighty – Electronic BR Covers

Ken Douglass– (stage actor/musician from NJ) – BR acoustic Covers

.. plus many more...

Plus special guests:

Pete Finestone

Jay Ziskrout

At certain hours they'll be taking calls and video calls, having Google Hangouts, and throughout the whole thing there will be a chat-room.

If you are interested in performing or doing an interview, or know someone who’s interested, you can contact them at info@badreligionday.com.




Because exposure is paramount here, be sure to like and share the Facebook page with all your friends. Any help is much appreciated! 

Check out a promo video here:

Bad Religion Day promo from Bad Religion Day on Vimeo.

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