October 11, 2012  Via www.thebrpage.net

Some details about the upcoming record

Let's try to sum up the information the band has released about the upcoming record.
Earlier this week Brett participated in a Google Hangout about parenting. This particular episode was called "Music for Geeklings". Of course there was a lot of talking about parenting, but Bett also revealed that the release date and the title will be announced early November.
Check out the whole video here with Brett talking about the new album at 59:58.

During Bad Religion's recent performance at the En Vivo festival in Spain, Graffin apparently said that they have 16 new songs ready for us and that the new album would come out at Christmas.
Also in Spain, Jay and Brooks did a short video interview in which Jay said the following: "The sound that we're shooting for is older. Everything that we've recorded we kinda stripped it down and said 'Let's just do this'."

Combine all of the above with what was said earlier about there being a push to write something faster, the new record can't come soon enough!

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Epic only begins to describe it... https://t.co/zTUlcv6hwW
19 mins ago
Agree. https://t.co/VaAWjRSLwo
19 mins ago
Have you checked out @BeautifulBodies yet? https://t.co/A8NK33gLDc
20 mins ago
Defeater never dissapoint https://t.co/qldCuGoXyV
21 mins ago
This is some heavy shit. Defeater get bleak in their new video for Spared In Hell. New album Abandoned out 8.28.15 https://t.co/KfyBzU1ZUv
22 mins ago
when your girl is out with robert williams and you're cool with that because it's robert fucking williams... http://t.co/THTr6tqAVK
15 hours ago
talking with real people is awkward when you can't google facts and make angry emojis at them
21 hours ago
it's fun to pretend that people are exactly like you imagine they are...
25 hours ago
now that we've all flag waved and blown shit up as a collective, let's get back to the business of dividing the country. I'll start. "TRUMP"
48 hours ago
don't call it american exceptionalism... think of it as exceptionally american! http://t.co/Tk34rIW2RE
3 days ago


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