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The name of the new album is True North

Today, November 5th, the band made some announcements about the new album during a Google Hangout. The new album will be released on January 22 and is called "True North." It contains 16 tracks of which Fuck You is the first single.

The album, both on CD and vinyl (black and gray), can be pre-ordered together with a bunch of other merchandise, at Bad Religion's official store.

Of course they've made various vinyl colors. First of all there's a black one available everywhere. For the US and the rest of the world there's a limited 1000 red translucent vinyl version. A limited 500 gray version is available in the European Kings Road Merch store, as well as a limited 500 clear vinyl edition. The latter is especially for those who are previous Kings Road Merch customers and have received an e-mail with the link. If any are left by Wednesday people on the Bad Religion mailing list will get this offer as well. So hurry if you want one (or two).


Track listing:

01. True North – 1:56

02. Past is Dead – 2:39

03. Robin Hood in Reverse – 2:53

04. Land of Endless Greed – 1:53

05. Fuck You – 2:14

06. Dharma and the Bomb – 2:00

07. Hello Cruel World – 3:50

08. Vanity – 1:02

09. In Their Hearts is Right – 1:59

10. Crisis Time – 2:39

11. Dept. of False Hope – 2:40

12. Nothing To Dismay – 2:07

13. Popular Consensus – 1:53

14. My Head is Full of Ghosts – 1:46

15. The Island – 2:23

16.Changing Tide – 2:23


Watch the complete Google Hangout video below:

Listen to "F**k You":


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they're just words you fucktards. written down... concisely. ...and then studied, over and over again. evaluated for discrepancies. science
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