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Another webcast! Bad Religion at Taubertal Festival

Update: It certainly wasn't the best quality of video but audio was nearly perfect and the band sounded tight.

It's still not clear whether the webcast was only a Best Of summary or their performance was indeed the14-song set that was aired:

21st Century (Digital Boy)

Overture + Sinister Rouge

Fuck You

Dharma and the Bomb


No Direction (Rihanna mention)

Beyond Electric Dreams

Submission Complete

Dept of False Hope

American Jesus

Fuck Armageddon This is Hell


Infected (outro yeah yeah yeah's sung by Brooks)

Punk Rock Song

Hopefully we'll update this story again when video is available!


I don't want to jinx it like last time, so I'll be brief and to the point: there is a chance that Bad Religion's performance at Taubertal Festival in Rothenburg ob der Tauber, Germany today will be broadcast via webcast. It won't be live though and apparently it will be a Best Of recap, but we'll see.

Bad Religion's webcast should start at 20:40 CEST (that's roughly in 5 minutes from the time you see this news story was posted at so go go go!)

Follow this link:

If it's not there, try their homepage as well! Thanks to wrong planet for the heads up!!

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it's thursday...
11 hours ago
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16 hours ago
#tbt in honor of game 7's all around... pro tip - no one will know it's vodka in your water bottle!
18 hours ago
“@badreligion: eating chocolate cream pie out of the tin for dinner and watching some playoff hockey... why?” ...sigh
34 hours ago
eating chocolate cream pie out of the tin for dinner and watching some playoff hockey... why?
34 hours ago
*wondering why we've all gathered here A. getting fired B. mom and dad getting divorced C. arlene made kool aid we're all going to drink
40 hours ago
okay... enough. back to work. for those of you under a rock, we're playing some shows with plague vendor... here -
2 days ago
@badreligion alright... Enough tomfoolery. I'm deleting this thread in 5 4 3 2
2 days ago
@badreligion hacked
2 days ago
15" A custom @ZildjianCompany
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