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Resurrection Fest live webcast

Update: It appears that for some unexplained reason they decided not to stream most of the bands today. Some people were complaining about the quality of webcasts earlier today so that could be it. Still, there is a chance we will get a rebroadcast as they promised to do with other bands that were not meant to get the live webcast treatment.

For the last couple of days Resurrection Fest has been streaming all bands performing on the main stage of this festival in Viveiro (Galicia), Spain. Watch Bad Religion tomorrow Saturday (it's technically on Sunday, late Saturday night) as they hit the Monster Energy stage at 0:10 am CEST. Bad Religion are headliners, but Biohazard will be closing the night. Yet according to the timetable they are still expected to play for about 80 minutes! Many many thanks to Pizarrock for the heads up!

If you have trouble with time conversions, fear no more! Here's a clock displaying local time in Viveiro, Spain. So when this clock says (Sunday, August 4, 2013 at) 12:10 AM it will be Bad Religion time!


If for some reason the webcast is not working for you here, you might also want to try this link or this other link.


Other bands that will be broadcast as well are Biohazard, Killswitch Engage and the newly reformed Black Flag. Strung Out had to cancel at the last minute.

Check out this cool Stranger than Fiction-themed (kind of) trailer for the event!


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Thanks for this, @BillGates
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YESSSSS!!! YOU'RE ALMOST HERE MATT! hate with all your might, don't let the idea of being a better human deter you!
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ready to be done with religious extremists on both sides of the pond. do us all a favor and just fuck off. the rest of us have work to do
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yes matt... that's it! let the hate course through your veins. your judgement of other christians will set you free
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That would be super rad. What do you say @TedStryker?
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