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Los Angeles Is Burning cover by Tim Timebomb

A couple of months ago we already reported about Tim Timebomb and friends covering songs. One of the songs was Bad Religion's "Television."

Yesterday, June 27, Tim posted a new Bad Religion cover on his website: Los Angeles Is Burning! According to Tim this is their accoustic take on the song.

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This https://t.co/9YgnCwSZ1K
3 hours ago
RT @TheOfficialA7X: Happy Birthday, Jimmy. https://t.co/9PJJ8xQjhp
4 hours ago
a few more hours left new hampshire. get out and make a difference. don't let yourself think your vote doesn't matter. you make a difference
6 hours ago
Fuck your credentials. New song from @PlagueVendor via @diymagazine https://t.co/fUaU9skSlM https://t.co/jVKE1184eQ
7 hours ago
what time does the superbowl start?
47 hours ago
in retrospect, that cocaine sure did ruin a lot of good country music in the '70s
3 days ago
RT @neiltyson: “Look at that, you son of a bitch." https://t.co/tgp3nQJPiO
4 days ago
the effects of being in bad religion for 36 years are startling. let this be a lesson to all you… https://t.co/wns7xZMCe5
5 days ago
RT @Kurt_Vonnegut: The function of the artist is to make people like life better than they have before.
5 days ago
this is so fucking cool https://t.co/alPHVc8Zpx
6 days ago


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