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Hellfest live broadcast

UPDATE: The video is currently being prepared and will be available to watch again when it is ready!


Tomorrow's Bad Religion performance on Hellfest will be broadcast on the web. The french website ARTE Live Web will be broadcasting the show at 1:05 AM CET.

Other bands that will be broadcast as well are NOFX, Sick Of It All, Gallows, Anti-Flag, Dropkick Murphys and many more. Check out the schedule here.

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ciao Italy... https://t.co/p2EzPn8Ria
3 hours ago
a day off in villach? I'll take it! ...where's villach? https://t.co/9anwj4ryQ2
22 hours ago
capping off our UK dates last week with a night at the hammersmith. always grateful for the opportunity. thank you! https://t.co/k8blN76NiL
30 hours ago
we're playing the @RiotFest in Chicago and Denver! (poster for chi below). see you there! https://t.co/uyVwbpTUHA
40 hours ago
in the struggle to always be right about everything, "no wonder everyone hates us" should be a group motto, maybe even a national anthem.
3 days ago
we're all just turds with a paper towel and 10 lbs of polishing compound... look how shiny I am! some people even get to be gold plated
4 days ago
fixing stupid is no longer an option given the current status of imaginary wealth equaling imaginary intelligence. a baffling conundrum.
4 days ago
Check out these awesome photos from before and during BR's show in London on June 22. @fuckinclairpics https://t.co/Wctr4RrXZj
5 days ago
My friend is releasing a sexy coffee table book that includes me. You can support here.https://t.co/2QPtbLCfWL
5 days ago
watching @frankcarter23 and the rattlesnakes tear up the Hamburg Docks tonight... what a great fucking band! https://t.co/MAjcEE6i3k
6 days ago


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