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When South America??? February 2014!

A show in Buenos Aires to happen early next year had been rumoured for quite some time (as early as two months ago) and just when it was finally made official yesterday, four dates in Brazil were also announced! A show in Santiago, Chile can be expected as well as it has been announced on potq.cl. Thanks to secondgeneration and Guns for the heads-up!

So far we have...

02/05/2014      Rio de Janeiro, Brazil @ Circo Voador

02/07/2014      Santos, Brazil @ Capital Disco

02/08/2014      São Paulo, Brazil @ HSBC Brasil

02/09/2014      Curitiba, Brazil @ Master Hall

02/11/2014      Santiago, Chile @ Teatro Caupolicán (not officially announced yet)

02/13/2014      Buenos Aires, Argentina @ Estadio Cubierto Malvinas Argentinas


For those who are planning on attending the São Paulo show, there will be a special three-day pre-sale for HSBC customers through http://www.ingressorapido.com.br starting next Tuesday, according to this source.

Tickets to the show in Buenos Aires are also expected to go on sale very soon. AVAILABLE NOW!


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That would be super rad. What do you say @TedStryker? https://t.co/OIj0znDPUv
5 hours ago
RT @SamVH5150: Just picked up some vinyl gems like @RealTenaciousD Live @FingerprintsLB. (@brookswackerman) https://t.co/aNyFvcc0qH
11 hours ago
RT @epitaphrecords: .@Rancid's #AndOutComeTheWolves 20th anniversary w/ 2 bonus tracks out now! Download it at: https://t.co/nCOkFoRCRW htt…
13 hours ago
we live in a sad time, america... all the hate and vitriol spewed towards people who just want to live a peaceful life. we should be ashamed
13 hours ago
following the #PlannedParenthood hashtag for an hour or so. was well over 150k... now shooter captured, white male. over 100k tweets deleted
13 hours ago
yesterday we gave thanks... now we can tumble into the season of goodwill toward men on the unadulterated hate of a bloviating windbag.
18 hours ago
New live tenacious D record comes out tomorrow from our rize of the Phoenix tour.https://t.co/DLqzIh8gb1
33 hours ago
Dear Family, “We’re fully immersed in the incomprehensible. Life is a mystery; it’s good to savor this.” - @rudytheelder #Thanksgiving
41 hours ago
RT @NeilHamburger: *stuffs 77 napkins and 42 ketchup packets down the back of his adult diaper and waddles out the back door* https://t.co/…
42 hours ago
p.s... next person to claim how they would have tackled these armed gunmen gets a free swiss army knife and a one way ticket to damascus
43 hours ago


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