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The Bad Religion Page 15th anniversary! New closing date!


First of all, a big thanks to everyone who has submitted his/her idea for a shirt!

However, so far we've only received 5 ideas (well, 6 actually; but one design was so special, I decided to keep that one for myself). Plus another 3 ideas that are only mentioned in the comments below but will be taken into account as well.

To give everyone some more time to come up with something we're giving you until the end of the week to submit your idea(s). No need to create something incredible with Photoshop; a quick sketch in, for example, Paint will also do. Or even just a description of what you have in mind.

So don't be shy and send your idea(s) to

Good luck!


2010 does not only mean 30 years of Bad Religion, but also a special anniversary of your favorite Bad Religion fan site. That's right, it's been 15 years already! Read all about our history here.

We're working on some ideas to celebrate this. And what better way to do this than to ask for your participation!

We'd like to ask you to come up with a design for a 15yr anniversary t-shirt. You're absolutely free to do whatever you want, but try to keep it Bad Religion / TheBRPage related and somewhat suitable for a shirt design. Just a front design, both front and back... you decide.

Born without talent? No worries! Even if you just have an idea in your head, simply describe it and that will do as well.

Send in your design(s)/idea(s) to before Monday April 5th.

TheBRPage staff will then select the best/coolest/nicest design (or idea) and make sure it will be printed on t-shirts that we'll make available for anyone who wants one. Next to this shirt, we'll also have another shirt that will be an homage from the BR fan community to Bad Religion. So if everything works out we'll have 2 different shirts for you!

The winner will be contacted shortly after April 5th.

Have fun, be creative, good luck and you might be added to TheBRPage hall of fame!


For your inspirational pleasure:

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it's like my dad used to say: "if you're not going to do something right, do it so no one notices it's wrong... hand me that bag of oreos"
3 hours ago
Punk rock is alive and well in North America. Rare spotting of PR in the wild: @themenzingers #IDWTBAAA
4 hours ago
Kickin' it with my crew. #nerdlife #CRM_FTW #dreamforceorbust #PUNK2.0 #chickmagnets…
4 hours ago
RT @brianXbaker: Early good stuff #tbt
4 hours ago
Share the ll.ove the latest addition to letlive Renditions project The Dope Beat is out now
5 hours ago
A skeptics guide to @epitaphrecords - Thank you Jonah Bayer @wonderingsound
15 hours ago
RT @epitaphrecords: Watch @themenzingers new vid for IDWBAAA right now via @stereogum, it's killer ;)…
39 hours ago
New Menzingers video at Stereogum Album Out Now
39 hours ago
RT @themenzingers: Rented World is officially released!!! Thank you all so much for the support! It means the god damn world.
2 days ago
Me and the missus
3 days ago


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