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Into The Unknown... love it or hate it

Multiple websites have picked up on this already; so who are we to not also spend some time to reflect on Into The Unknown's 30th birthday? In true BR-nerd-style, of course...

We as The BR Page were never really sure when Into The Unknown was exactly released and even Bad Religion's own website just mentions January 1st 1983. However, a few days ago La Weekly posted this blog because ITU was supposedly released in November of that year... with the always "trustworthy" Wikipedia most likely being source of this info.

There are a couple of reasons why this doesn't really add up, though. First of all there's the "Now Available" ad in Maximum Rocknroll Issue #8 (September 1983).

Either this was just an early ad or perhaps ITU was actually released in September or a bit earlier even? This would also match the review that appeared in the following issue (#9 - October/November 1983).

And secondly, there are the flyers from that period for a show at the VEX on August 13, 1983.

As it wasn't uncommon at that time for bands to create their own flyers for shows, I wouldn't be surprised if these flyers were also made by someone in the band. I don't remember the exact source of this info, but I recall someone telling me once that the left one is a Graffin-original.

Into The Unknown in a nutshell: you either love it or you hate it. Personally, I love blasting this album from my car speakers at a questionable volume. But what's your opinion?




Fun fact: they already started playing ITU songs as early as March 1983. There's an awesome bootleg out there of the 3/31/1983 Skylite show that contains 3 'new' songs. This bootleg is also known as All Our Yesterdays.

It's Only Over When... @Skylite Club 3/31/1983

...You Give Up (and Latch Key Kids) @Skylite Club 3/31/1983

The Dichotomy @Skylite Club 3/31/1983

And last but not least, don't forget this version of Billy Gnosis from the 80's era show in October 2010.

Billy Gnosis @Irving Plaza 10/20/2010

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