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Bad Religion to play Punkspring Festival!

Bad Religion have been added to the lineup of the japanese Punkspring Festival. They will be playing on Saturday March 29 in Tokyo and on Sunday March 30 in Osaka. Other bands that have been confirmed are The Hives, Coldrain (Tokyo only), The Fratellis, Sim, 10-Feet (Osaka only) and Snuff. For ticket info check out the official website.

2014.3.29 - Makuhari Messe, Tokyo, Japan

2014.3.30 - Kobe World Memorial Hall, Osaka, Japan



This will be the third time that Bad Religion will play the Punkspring festival. Have a look at what the band had to say about the Japanese aucience when they played the festival in 2009.




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fuck... do i have to leave t-mobile now? i already can't eat at waffle house anymore
5 mins ago
11 mins ago
has anyone checked brady's balls yet?
15 mins ago
if she doesn't break into frozen i'm going to be so disappointed
52 mins ago
who the hell chooses these opening songs?
56 mins ago
i just topped my best time from zero to not give a shit by a full 3 seconds!
4 hours ago
I liked a @YouTube video The Uncanny Avengers #1 Review - Yes, Comics.
18 hours ago
About to watch steve gadd play the drum set in 10 me some gadd
20 hours ago
The an­ti-vac­cine move­ment can be traced to a report that was lat­er proved fraud­u­lent & retratcted:
31 hours ago
when asked to send some of your album art, you suddenly realize what you've been doing for the past 35 years...
40 hours ago


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