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True North as Team Coco web exclusive

On December 18 Bad Religion performed on Conan O'Brien and played O Come, O Come Emmanuel. However, as Bad Religion posted on Facebook yesterday, they also played True North. This performance is now released as a web exclusive on the Team Coco website. Enjoy!

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RT @TikiParlour: 70s studio magic with @DoctorGraffin https://t.co/MD4fcIdMG6
8 hours ago
A seriously great session - these kids can really sing and play. https://t.co/jPHV097hvg
17 hours ago
The new wrecking crew. Nashville a la Silverlake. @JonnyTwoBags @TikiParlour @BigBadSoundla https://t.co/7zCde8Xcsp
22 hours ago
above: talking to your friends about politics. below: talking to your friends about getting wasted. pic @dave_raun https://t.co/kT2ZmRNHyN
29 hours ago
RT @arnomac: A day with Brett gurwitz and Greg Graffin in silverlake
38 hours ago
RT @arnomac: Young guns! https://t.co/cJNUjLauNX
38 hours ago
Just a glimpse of progress. https://t.co/4BGaV5tvG9
43 hours ago
What a team. The greatest I've ever worked with. https://t.co/yw5mm5siOY
44 hours ago
The best in vocal excellence. @valliep @Arnomac @bigbadsoundla https://t.co/xbU8bLSWmr
45 hours ago
the clam before the storm... gimmes. munich. ausverkauft. @ Backstage München https://t.co/rFjFMFmR1r
2 days ago


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