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LA Times chats with Bad Religion

The Los Angeles Times did an interview with Brett, Greg Graffin and Jay earlier this week in which they talk about their 30yr anniversary (what else!).

Read the full article here.

Brett: "We were very young when we named the band Bad Religion and we started writing about what we considered to be serious topics. Maybe the reason we started in that direction was because we were serious kids or troubled kids, but whatever the reason, it has served us quite well. We can age gracefully with that. We weren't a zany band that found ourselves as adults trying to change what we write about."

Graffin: "We actually got lucky: We wrote some lasting songs that we can play today and that actually have some thought-provoking ideas. There are some songs from those early records that we might still play, but it's hard to stand behind the lyrics."

Photo by Rick Loomis / Los Angeles Times / March 12, 2010


Extra tidbit - Everyone, meet new Brian. New Brian, meet everyone.

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