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Epitaph to reissue vinyl for a.o. Bad Religion

People who frequently visit sites like vinylcollective.com probably already knew about this, but apparently no one told us. In October last year it was anounced that Epitaph is doing a bunch of represses in various different colors for Hot Topic and Indie record stores. It's not clear whether Kings Road merch will sell even other colors.

There would be 2 batches with different release dates for classic records from Bad Religion, Bouncing Souls, Millencolin, NOFX, Pennywise and Rancid. For Bad Religion specifically, it's No Control and Against The Grain!


As Epitaph appeared to have trouble with (production of?)  those records the release date of the first batch was postponend from November to February. Obviously this means the second round of releases was also delayed (originally planned for December).

On musicdirect.com there's a list of Epitaph releases, including these reissues, where No Control is listed to be shipped on February 3 and  Against The Grain appears to be set for June 30.

As you can see, the release dates on those websites vary, so it's hard to tell which dates are correct.

Hot Topic excl.
Indie Store excl.
Release date

No Control
blue vinyl /700
pink vinyl /500
Feb. 11, 2014

Against The Grain
purple /700
yellow vinyl /???
June 30, 2014

It's said that for 2014 even more would be added to the list of reissues. As a matter of fact, the Kings Road website already has a separate section called "2014 Vinyl Reissues".

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other than a few factual errors, this is a pretty decent trip down memory lane! http://t.co/FTRS5QX3wj
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