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New Greg Graffin song: Lincoln's Funeral Train

Finally we can enjoy a new (cover) song by Greg Graffin!

On November 4th the song "Lincoln's Funeral Train" - originally by Nashville songwriter Norman Blake - was released by The Times on Spotify. Greg recorded his version with Jonny Wickershamm (guitar), Brent Harding (bass) and David Hidalgo Jr. (drums), all current members of Social Distortion.

Here's what Greg has to say about this song:

"Hey everyone here's a new song I recorded with my pals by the great Norman Blake. It's “Lincoln’s Funeral Train” – via Los Angeles Times. Come back here tomorrow at 5pm Pacific for a Facebook Mentions live performance of our living room version of "Lincoln's Funeral Train."

This song is such a sorrowful piece of Americana and is deeply significant today. The vision of that black funeral train heading west forever into the sunset is symbolic of today's flickering Republican torch. The Great Emancipator's passing is once again relevant: Lincoln was the founding President of the Republican Party, a blip so distant on the horizon that it is hardly recognizable anymore.


You can listen the song right here: 

Also, yesterday (November 6th), Greg played the song live on the Old-Time Tiki Parlour on Facebook. 

Check out the video here!


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