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Bad Religion + studio = a lot of awesomenimity

It kinda went by unnoticed, but yesterday (May 5th) Bad Religion entered the Joe’s House Of Compression (JHOC) in Pasadena to record their new yet to be titled album. According to Brett's "tweets", it was preceded by 2 days of pre-production.

The new album is being produced by Joe Barresi, who also produced New Maps Of Hell.

Photo by Brett

As you might have already noticed, we're trying to keep track of all news and facts (big, but mostly small) about the new album on a special Album Diary page: You can find a link to it on the left side. Hint: Try clicking on the RECORDING image.

We're always hoping for more juicy details from the studio, but so far we do not yet know of any plans for doing stuff like the "webisodes" for New Maps Of Hell. Surprisingly, that one webisode was released only one month before the release of New Maps Of Hell; almost 6 months after Bad Religion went into the studio in March 2007.


Extra tidbit - Awesomenimity

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