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Bad Religion “The Dissent of Man” Pre-order!

Bad Religion’s new album, “The Dissent of Man” is set to hit stores on Sept 28th.  Pre-order your copy now at the Bad Religion Store.

Bundle Includes

The Dissent Of Man E-mail List Exclusive Orange LP (available for 3 days only)
The Dissent Of Man DELUXE Digital Download
The Dissent Of Man Shirt (Black)
A signed First Edition copy of Anarchy Evolution , the new book by Greg Graffin.
Evolution and Religion, the reprinted and expanded doctoral thesis by Greg Graffin

Other bundles are available!

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a big THANK YOU to everyone who came to the shows, all the local bands who opened up and especially to the great @OFFofficial! you all rule
7 hours ago
Best Permanent Fixture: Vintage Punk http://t.co/4j271qXBuh via @rollingstone #badreligion #coachella2015
22 hours ago
Thanks @rollingstone Best of Coachella list: Best Permanent Fixture: Vintage Punk http://t.co/jO4JV5jQz4
24 hours ago
okay seriously... can people stop using the words "bad religion" pretending like we haven't been here for 35 fucking years? #badreligion
26 hours ago
RT @RegencyBallroom: What a show last night with @BadReligion! Fast forwarding to the 21st Century tonight! Get tickets here: http://t.co/L…
29 hours ago
RT @thereaIbanksy: Is this the kind of world we live in now? http://t.co/GNZEF5l4AR
30 hours ago
night 2 tonight/San Francisco at regency ballroom.last show.come watch us sweat
30 hours ago
RT @Geniestreich: @NTDennis182 @blink182 @tomdelonge @brookswackerman Das hört man sogar raus, besonders bei Golden Showers. Ich finds klas…
30 hours ago
Bad Religion / OFF! / The Interrupters - Live in Hollywood http://t.co/bm5hymKm2s via @sharethis
31 hours ago
two wallets, a pair of glasses and what I think was a partial denture came up onstage last night. good show san francisco, well done.
34 hours ago


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