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Bad Religion “The Dissent of Man” Pre-order!

Bad Religion’s new album, “The Dissent of Man” is set to hit stores on Sept 28th.  Pre-order your copy now at the Bad Religion Store.

Bundle Includes

The Dissent Of Man E-mail List Exclusive Orange LP (available for 3 days only)
The Dissent Of Man DELUXE Digital Download
The Dissent Of Man Shirt (Black)
A signed First Edition copy of Anarchy Evolution , the new book by Greg Graffin.
Evolution and Religion, the reprinted and expanded doctoral thesis by Greg Graffin

Other bundles are available!

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Pumped https://t.co/L3F2zr2qjv
6 hours ago
sweated out 2 basses, broke a rib and still can't see out of my left eye... thanks for the awesome show seattle!
7 hours ago
Why do I love this new @themenzingers song so damn much - maybe it's a jew thing? https://t.co/Oyu99e21CN
7 hours ago
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8 hours ago
We’re not just voting for president! Please vote. @HeadCountOrg has all the ballot info you need to #GoVote.… https://t.co/PNxEYLkVNr
29 hours ago
John K. Samson Only Wanted to Be Interviewed via Postcard, so That’s What We Did https://t.co/aGk3CzN7zy via @noiseymusic
44 hours ago
RT @fasteronfire525: @jay_bentley, it's obvious how much joy performing brings you, but you're literally floating here and that's goddamn r…
2 days ago
sometimes you find the strangest things at the airport bookstore. ¯\_(ツ)_/¯ #signedcopy #nofx @… https://t.co/PT1gSDEcDR
3 days ago
RT @travisbarker: My baby @travisbarker sat down at the piano and played this for me today 💔 I love my kids love… https://t.co/C8KuMojJDs
4 days ago
RT @BernieSanders: I have 7 beautiful grandchildren and 4 kids. I do not want Donald Trump to be their president. https://t.co/33MEtcBt9T
5 days ago


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