July 26, 2010  Via www.thebrpage.net

The Devil In Stitches!

Apparently KROQ already started airing a song from The Dissent Of Man: The Devil In Stitches (written by Brett). So this might very well be the first single.

Here's a great quality version of the song on soundcloud.com. Thanks for the link Brett!!

... or download it in MP3 format.

Thanks to Brett we now also have the full lyrics. Check out them out in the Discography.

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I will be signing #PopulationWars at 6pm this Saturday. See you there! http://t.co/rJTU90IwZJ #itsnotdeadfest http://t.co/GPR7oGdxHw
89 mins ago
RT @deafheavenband: Find it in Brooklyn http://t.co/vOUvr2L1la
3 hours ago
Looking for something heavy? Parkway Drive - Ire | Epitaph Records http://t.co/xyr57oehyh
9 hours ago
RT @epitaphrecords: Groove on over to @InterviewMag: http://t.co/7qm31INM5h to watch @TheGardenTwins new video for "Egg". 🍳 http://t.co/bZ7…
19 hours ago
Dear People of the United States, please start doing this as soon as possible. https://t.co/KR7QHMqo7g
26 hours ago
Attn sentient suburban organisms: new video signal from @thegardentwins https://t.co/SEkHzPe8Cw #Egg #VadaVada @epitaphrecords
27 hours ago
I've seen worse http://t.co/v9YzxHhcEf
32 hours ago
This is good >>> exclusive: watch the garden's new video for vexation https://t.co/bIiY5hCbbv #VadaVada #FTW
45 hours ago
i think most people who own guns are idiots... but to be fair, i think people who don't own guns are idiots. i think most people are idiots
3 days ago
we're doomed https://t.co/82SPD9szOK
3 days ago


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