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Minor League news #15

It's been a while since the last collection of (smaller) news items but for your enjoyment here's another one.

Interview with Jay from Russia

With bad Religion playing their first shows ever in Russia in just a few days from now, the St. Peterburg Times did an interview with Jay.

Here's Jay talking about his expectations of Russia:

"I’ve never been (to Russia), I have no idea. Having never been there and getting an opportunity to go to someplace is truly humbling, and I’m really excited to go somewhere that I haven’t been before. This is a place that I’ve been looking forward to getting to for a long time. I’m really excited."

Check out the complete interview (in English!) here.

This is where Bad Religion will be playing:

July 19 - St. Petersburg - Glav Club

July 20 - Moscow - Milk Club

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119 mins ago
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3 days ago


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