June 27, 2010  Via www.thebrpage.net

New album title revealed!

On June 11th Jay confirmed that he, Brett and Greg were emailing back and forth about the name of the new album that will be released on September 28. At that time they already brought the list back to three.

Yesterday in an interview at the Azkena Rock Festival Brooks and Jay decided to spill their guts and revealed that it will be titled:

"The Dissent of Man"

So what do you guys think?

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a big THANK YOU to everyone who came to the shows, all the local bands who opened up and especially to the great @OFFofficial! you all rule
9 hours ago
Best Permanent Fixture: Vintage Punk http://t.co/4j271qXBuh via @rollingstone #badreligion #coachella2015
25 hours ago
Thanks @rollingstone Best of Coachella list: Best Permanent Fixture: Vintage Punk http://t.co/jO4JV5jQz4
27 hours ago
okay seriously... can people stop using the words "bad religion" pretending like we haven't been here for 35 fucking years? #badreligion
29 hours ago
RT @RegencyBallroom: What a show last night with @BadReligion! Fast forwarding to the 21st Century tonight! Get tickets here: http://t.co/L…
31 hours ago
RT @thereaIbanksy: Is this the kind of world we live in now? http://t.co/GNZEF5l4AR
32 hours ago
night 2 tonight/San Francisco at regency ballroom.last show.come watch us sweat
32 hours ago
RT @Geniestreich: @NTDennis182 @blink182 @tomdelonge @brookswackerman Das hört man sogar raus, besonders bei Golden Showers. Ich finds klas…
32 hours ago
Bad Religion / OFF! / The Interrupters - Live in Hollywood http://t.co/bm5hymKm2s via @sharethis
33 hours ago
two wallets, a pair of glasses and what I think was a partial denture came up onstage last night. good show san francisco, well done.
36 hours ago


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