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The Dissent Of Man Japanese Limited Edition

It appears that Japan is again getting its own special edition release of Bad Religion's new album The Dissent Of Man. Not only will it contain 1 additional track (Finite), but it will also be accompanied by a 30 Years Live bonus CD.


It's not clear how many of this limited editions are (or were) available. Earlier, the site where the user "posthc" found it displayed the number of available copies left, but when it reached 0 that information disappeared. The album, however, can apparently still be ordered.

Price: USD29.33 / EUR22.86 / 2500Yen

Catalog No.: EICP-1415

Release Date: 2010/09/29

Label/Distributor: Sony Music Entertainment

If we find out more details about this limited edition, we'll give an update here.

Thanks to Brett for the confirmation of the above.


Previously, Japanese editions of Bad Religion albums contained the following songs:

Stranger Than Fiction: News From The Front & Markovian Process & Leaders And Followers

No Substance: Dream Of Unity

The New America: The Fast Life & Queen Of The 21st Century

The Process Of Belief: Shattered Faith

The Empire Strikes First: The Surface Of Me

New Maps Of Hell: Sorrow (acoustic) & God song (acoustic)


Extra tidbit - Best. Interview. Ever:

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