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The Dissent Of Man streamed on MySpace

It's not really a leak, but today MySpace got the album premiere for The Dissent Of Man. For those who can't wait until the official release the complete album is streamed on Bad Religion's MySpace (yes it still exists).

Also, we got the details on who wrote which songs:

The Day The Earth Stalled (Greg)

Only Rain (Brett)

The Resist Stance (Greg)

Won’t Somebody (Brett)

The Devil In Stitches (Brett)

Pride and the Palor (Greg)

Wrong Way Kids (Brett)

Meeting of the Minds (Greg)

Someone To Believe (Greg)

Avalon (Greg)

Cyanide (Brett)

Turn Your Back On Me (Brett)

Ad Hominem (Greg)

Where The Fun Is (Brett)

I won’t Say Anything (Brett)

Many thanks to Brett!

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Pickin' and a sangin' with electric things in the air.
8 hours ago
No mistakes, the record light is on! Job well done guys.
28 hours ago
Very excited for such a fantastic pool of talent in the studio today! photo by @renniesolis
35 hours ago
Where's Waldo? pic by @renniesolis
35 hours ago
the most wonderfully preposterous thing i've seen in the last decade. NOFX make the new york times best seller list.
5 days ago
Congrats homies on yer best-selling paperback! NOFX: The Hepatitis Bathtub @fatmike_of_nofx
7 days ago
this year's been feeling more and more like the end of something... can't put my finger on it, can't tell if it's good or bad. thanks prince
8 days ago
i hope everyone in new york got out and made your voices heard! we live in great country that allows us to choose the form of the destructor
9 days ago
I would also like to thank "big dick hitler"for following me on Twitter today
10 days ago
Thx ya'all for making me a winner in the drum magazine awards.
10 days ago


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