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Anarchy Evolution Book Signing in NYC!

Bad Religion frontman, Greg Graffin is doing a free book-signing next Tuesday, September 28th, in New York City at Powerhouse Arena (address: 37 Main St, Brooklyn, NY‎ – (718) 666-3049‎). This event celebrates the release of his new book Anarchy Evolution and there will be a Q and A and meet-and-greet following some introductory remarks. Also, to celebrate the release of Bad Religion’s “The Dissent of Man,” Greg will sign copies of the new CD. Books will be available at Powerhouse Arena for purchase; CD’s can be purchased elsewhere!

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i wonder if john travolta wishes he had announced idina menzel tonight... (this may be worthy of a tosh.0 web redemption)
18 mins ago
every guy with a 64 oz bud is dancing in the aisles right now
26 mins ago
31 mins ago
wardrobe malfunction (fingers crossed)
32 mins ago
who is coming up with this crap?
35 mins ago
lane "got hurt" on the play... ya think?
37 mins ago
bummer... syncopated driving... scientology!!!!!!!!!!! hahahahaha.... fuck off del taco (bring back naugles), sycopated driving again
40 mins ago
okay advertisers... lets see what you've spent all your money on
43 mins ago
pay with mclovin....
69 mins ago
i'm sorry, but i want my head coach in a suit, with a hat ...and a cane. and maybe a purple cape and a side arm. i want a pimp head coach
73 mins ago


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