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Pre-order Bad Religion 30th Anniversary Box Set

How else do you celebrate 30 years as the world’s longest running and most prolific punk band? You celebrate with a limited edition Box Set featuring EVERY studio album ever released by the band pressed on red vinyl.  Head over to the Epitaph Store to pre-order your copy for just $199.99!

This set features the first OFFICIAL Epitaph pressing of Into The Unknown in 27 years, the first pressing of Generator in almost 12 years, the band’s Atlantic era which was either never pressed or hard to find, as well as the entire chronicle of Bad Religion’s studio output.

Just in case you needed the list of what’s included, you get all of these releases individually sealed on red vinyl:

1. How Could Hell Be Any Worse?

2. Into The Unknown

3. Suffer

4. No Control

5. Against The Grain

6. Generator

7. Recipe For Hate

8. Stranger Than Fiction

9. The Gray Race

10. No Substance

11. The New America

12. The Process Of Belief

13. The Empire Strikes First

14. New Maps Of Hell

15. The Dissent Of Man


This box set will be shipped set in eight foam-reinforced corners placed inside of a custom-made double-walled cardboard box. This will then be placed inside of another box for additional security.


* This release will begin shipping during the week of November 1st-5th.*

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RT @epitaphrecords: Which #PianosBecomeTheTeeth #KeepYou bundle did you get? Grab one here -> http://t.co/PRsVhzSwWF http://t.co/yash8nRKXM
40 mins ago
RT @El_Rey_Louie: @brookswackerman thank YOU!. Your three-sheet setlist was on the screens many times (impossible to read) but people had a…
11 hours ago
Jamie T Shares New Track via The Guardian: http://t.co/iN0cbFF4xy
25 hours ago
RT @MelchorRoel: @jay_bentley @brookswackerman @DoctorGraffin @brianXbaker kicked asses yesterday at #FaanFest! @badreligion A vortex of pu…
35 hours ago
Nice seeing old friends at Ed Colver's new show at Lethal Amounts http://t.co/hJbRD75PPs #PunkLife
3 days ago
thx spain....Hope it was as good for you as it was for me. http://t.co/dBW7yRox0c
3 days ago
sometimes, so good you just can't explain it... it happens and nothing you say or do will stop it. #faanfest http://t.co/F4JQxMvY0h
3 days ago
i have two words for you... OVIEDO!
3 days ago
RT @brianXbaker: Come one come all http://t.co/E68I2XZMY1
4 days ago
hola oviedo... you sure are beautiful
4 days ago


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