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she said thanks but i'm broken i guess you must have
misspoken what a laugh i've never been chosen by anyone she was
only a teen hangin' out in-between
just a part of the scene
with mercurial smile and incurable style she was only a dream

how's that, he didn't
know a thing about making love to the kind of girl you read about
he said i'm glad to be broken my daddy bet that i'd amount to nothing

he wouldn't let anybody show him anything he was a troubled
child he'd been down for a while always kept to himself though she
couldn't defend he only wanted a friend

now he's made something else it's so sad, no one saw it
coming, the paper said that he hit the ground running
oh yeah i know i'm not broken a little cracked but still i'm not broken i
can't laugh i think that i'm choking on reality when the
world is turning

you don't turn on me who are you
here to repair well i don't know what you mean you could never
resist glorifying despair well now it's coming to you and

i don't really care
while i'm not the kind to insist you couldn't have missed we must
co-exist so please listen to me there is no such thing as human debris

broken? i said i'm not broken a little cracked but
still I'm not broken I want to laugh I'm not broken, i know i'm not

Greg Graffin / Brett Gurewitz
Sound City and Westbeach Recorders, Los Angeles, CA
Greg Graffin - vocals, Brett Gurewitz - guitar, Jay Bentley - bass, Greg Hetson - guitar, Brian Baker - guitar, Brooks Wackerman - drums
Polypterus Music (BMI) / Sick Muse Songs (BMI)