Before You Die

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Porcelain and alabaster, decaying ever faster
unaware of imminent disaster open up
your eyes.
As you ruminate the hopeless sands of time, did
you wander out your days lost and resigned?
Or recreate the universals in your mind?
Everybody is bastard; my world is like plaster
crumbling apart from pressure of the blaster
Waiting for a sign
And the momentary pleasures take their turn as
a wistful boy runs out of things to learn,
The episodes of yore are never to return.
Scare up some hope, you're gonna need it just
to cope
You are the decision, numbers don't lie
When you bite the dust, was it for purpose or
for trust?
You'll never relive it, think before you die. Yeah,
think! Think before you die
Deficit and depravation - in the wake of
Rewrite the morals, rectify the nation. Now may
be your time
As you ruminate the sands of time, do
you wonder how your life has been defined?
You know eternity can't ever change your mind.
You know eternity can't ever change your mind
So think! Think before you die - Yeah, think!
Think before you die

Brett Gurewitz / Greg Graffin
Grandmaster Records, Ltd. Holywood, CA
Greg Graffin - vocals, Brett Gurewitz - guitar, Jay Bentley - bass, Greg Hetson - guitar, Brian Baker - guitar, Brooks Wackerman - drums
Fig Music (BMI) / Polypterus/Warner Chappell Music (BMI)