Sowing The Seeds Of Utopia

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We all know politicians only go / Just half-way there / Just
half-way there / The innocence of youth needs protection not
abuse / But no one seems to care / Yet no one seems to care

And you sit there and watch the world go around / From your
pseudo-benevolent vantage point / While we who've been left
to pick up after you / Try our best to make some sense for
those who / come next

Now what have you done to foster the truth / Besides just hide
the lies? / Besides just hide the lies?

A selfish campaign never justifies the gain / But the means are
verified / Yeah the means are verified

And you sit there and insist you are right! / From your
popular psychological podium / While those who rely and
depend on you / They wilt because you don't accept we need /
Each other

While sowing the seeds of Utopia, / you invoked a
convenient amnesia / You forgot how to care, you forgot how
to provide, / you forgot how to work towards a meaningful life

Greg Graffin
Pyramid Sound, Polypterus Studio, Ithaca, NY
Greg Graffin - vocals, Jay Bentley - bass, Greg Hetson - guitar, Brian Baker - guitar, Bobby Schayer - drums