Into The Night


In the city the day is too hot and you're hoping for relief
'Cuz your head is filled with pain
But you get no relief 'cuz the night is the same
In the night you see through jaded eyes
In the night you feel barely alive
You live your life in darkness, you've got pennies on your eyes
And you say that its alright 'cuz you've never lived a lie
As you crawl back to your womb like existence in the night
You can't see any light but you hear those heavy footsteps
And the little man inside twists your tormented mind
Your head is filled with shadows, your palms are wet with sweat
Limbs are bound and tangled in a fatal net
There are two things you can do
One is to turn and fight, the other is run headlong into the night
The breathing at your side, is it yours or is it good-bye?