White Trash (2nd Generation)

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Wasted children, fixed blank eye, blood and sweat
We socialize broken homes from which they came
Beer stained Dad, compliant Mom
Fear and love much despised replaced by comfort lies
Teenage classic more cliché
One step further to the edge decays
White trash second generation
Don your crown cleanse thy nation
Are you ready to fight your morality
Right wing allies, white supremacy, pretty fascist
On the tube draped red, white, and blue
White trash second generation
Stupid follies indignation, offspring of suburban fright
Pearl white creatures of the night
Stiff blue-collar coat and tie brand new breeds
Side by side Christian ethics right extremes
Shoved down our throats as the American dream

Brett Gurewitz
Greg Graffin - vocals, Brett Gurewitz - guitar, Jay Bentley - bass, Greg Hetson - guitar, Pete Finestone - drums, Jay Ziskrout - drums, Tim Gallegos - bass