Faith In God

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It's alright to have faith in god
But when you bend to their rules and the fucking lies
That's when I start to have to pity you
You're living on a mound of dirt
But you can't explain your reason for existence
So you blame it on god
So much hatred in this world
And you can't decide who is pulling the strings
So you figure its god
Your whole life foreshadows death
And you finally realize you don't want to die alone
So you'll always have god
There are people in this world today who say they're Jewish, Christian and such
They're all ignorant fools
They tell you, you can't have your own way
Unless you pay money and dedicate your whole life
Or you'll be damned in hell
Don't be feeble like all of them
You have your own brain full of thoughts and choices
So use it, don't let them use you!

Greg Graffin
Track Record, Hollywood, CA
Greg Graffin - vocals, Brett Gurewitz - guitar, Jay Bentley - bass, Pete Finestone - drums, Jay Ziskrout - drums